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The Other Side Lawn Service has the experience, know-how and passion to help your lawn be the best it can be!

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Tree & Shrub Services

It’s not just your lawn that needs year round care to be at it’s best. Your trees and shrubs need treatment as well!

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Aerate your Bermuda and Zoysia lawns now!

Warm season lawns are waking up after a tough winter, with too much rain, while they were dormant causing stress to the lawn and creating compaction issues. These environmental conditions may impact the green up process for these grass types as they are beginning to grow again. A core aeration of your warm season lawn will help aid in their recovery by relieving the compaction and helping to improve the air, water, and nutrient exchange at the root zone. Let us know if you are interested and we can get your lawn scheduled this spring!


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Lawn Care Norcross, GA

We at The Other Side Lawn Service are always looking for better ways to provide service to our lawn care customers with lawns that they can be proud to call their own. Meanwhile, it is imperative for us to be responsible to the environment as well. We have several lawn treatments to do just that! Our lawn care treatments are designed to provide a thicker turf with stronger root systems in order to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year. Also, each and every lawn service application has been scientifically developed with the environment in mind. With a team of industry experts and years of experience, we strive to provide our customers with the top lawn care Norcross, GA and the surrounding area have to offer!

Always Greener.

Our Norcross lawn care team has earned a reputation across the area for exceptional service. Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary lawn service evaluation so we can partner with you on the road to “GREEN”!

Serving Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta

Proudly serving Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta and the surrounding area! The Other Side Lawn Service knows how to keep your lawn green as well as the environment!

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