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Buford, Georgia is a great city full of attractions, beautiful homes and great yards. Having provided lawn care in Buford, GA for years, The Other Side Lawn Care knows the area well. Our local lawn experts have the knowledge and experience to provide your home with a thriving yard all year!

Much like the majority of the Southeastern United States, Buford sees plenty of hot and humid weather throughout the spring and summer. And while we may not get as much snow as Tennessee or Kentucky, we still see our fair share of cold temperatures as well as the occasional ice or snow storm. With a unique climate like this, your grass, shrubs, and plants need special care to remain healthy.

Professional Lawn Care

There is much more to lawn care than cutting the grass and raking leaves. When you drive by a beautiful, green yard in Buford, chances are it wasn't from the perfect combination of rain, sunlight, and luck. A healthy yard takes a lot of work! At The Other Side Lawn Service, we offer a variety of lawn treatments and services ranging from fertilization, aeration, and shrub maintenance to pest control and fungicide treatments. We offer our yard care services year-round. Many Buford homeowners think there is no need for yard work in the winter. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. During the winter, we treat lawns with a special blend of fertilizer to prepare them for spring and summer. Our yard services encourage root growth and development while maintaining a healthy pH level throughout the soil. For more information on healthy grass and lawn care tips, be sure to check out our videos!

For an in-depth look at our lawn care service package, visit our Lawn Care page.

Let Us Manage Your Yard!

No longer do you have to dedicate yourself to hours of yard work every week. No more cutting the grass, fighting the weeds, or spreading fertilizer. As the local experts of yard care in Buford, Georgia, we have all of your needs covered! Contact us today!

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Love this company! They do a great job at fair prices.

Reviewed by Tim S of Buford on June 29th 2015

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The Other Side, Inc. has the experience, know-how and passion to help your lawn be the best it can be!

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It’s not just your lawn that needs year round care to be at it’s best. Your trees and shrubs need treatment as well!

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