Ants Vs. Fire Ants


Notice some ant hills in your yard or just an abundance of ants roaming near your home? Be careful, because those can either be Fire Ants or could be just regular ants. In this article, we will discuss the main differences between these two creatures so that you will be able to tell what they are if they take over your yard!

First, let’s talk about regular ants. Regular ants are usually all black. They usually travel in packs and can be seen walking in a straight line of other ants. They are always looking for food so, if you have extra food lying around, be on the lookout for ants coming your way! Ants live inside what we call ant hills. The ant hills that regular ants have are usually a light to dark brown color.

Next, let’s talk about the fire ants. Fire ants can easily be identified from regular ants because of their color. Fire ants are a bright red

color and their bottom is usually brown or black. Fire ants also travel in groups when looking for food. Fire ants actually feed on both plants and dead animals and adult fire ants have to make their food into a liquid in their hill. Speaking of their ant hill, fire ant hills are a more orangish red color than the regular ant hills. Another main thing about the fire ant is that they will sting you. Fire ants are known for stinging anyone that interrupts their daily life. So, watch out where you step!

Now that you know some differences between the two, it will be easier for you to tell which is invading your yard. At The Other Side Lawn Service, we specialize in Fire Ant control. The Other Side Lawn Service is here to protect your lawn all year long from these invasive pests. We offer a couple of different removal methods to ensure these pests no longer disturb you or your family. So, if you notice these hills invading your yard, contact us and we will be more than happier to come out, inspect, and treat your yard.