Lawn Care

Pre-Spring Treatment

Our goal at this time for all turf grasses is to establish a barrier to prevent weeds and to get rid of any weeds that are emerging while at the same time delivering nutrients to strengthen healthy root activity. Fescue lawns will receive additional fertilizers to stimulate green-up and plant development.

Early Spring Treatment

We reinforce the existing barriers that prevent weeds and further suppress actively growing weeds while stimulating your turf with Control-Release and Quick release fertilizers along with humic acids that help build stronger turf. This will enhance the natural green-up of warm season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia, and Fescue lawns are beginning to look their best. Schedule your warm season aeration at this time.

Late Spring Treatment

At this time lawns should be green and healthy. We now want to feed the warm season grasses with a high-nitrogen fertilizer to help promote growth; Fescue lawns receive a treatment of Iron with humic acids and a specialty herbicide that combats difficult weeds such as spurge, buttonweed, wild violets and lespedeza.

Early Summer Treatment

Warm season grasses should be healthy and green; we continue feeding them with a balanced fertilizer that helps to enhance the color without over stimulating the growth. Fescue lawns receive a maintenance level of lime to keep the pH of the soil from drifting more toward high acid levels. Due to high temperatures, weed control is applied only as necessary so not to damage your turf.

Late Summer Treatment

For cool season grasses, we apply a specific formulation of fertilizer with humic acids to hasten plant recovery from summer stresses and to prepare the soil for fall over seeding. Getting a barrier started against winter annual weeds for warm season grass is essential for a healthy winter turf. Iron is also included to enhance and maintain the color in your warm season turf. Schedule aeration and over seeding of your fescue lawn at this time.

Autumn Treatment

Now is the optimum time to have your fescue lawn aerated and seeded. Our goal is to optimize the germination of the fescues with a high-nitrogen fertilizer for quicker growth and healthier color. Warm season grass will begin to go dormant and applying an extended barrier of weed control will help prevent winter weed issues.

Winter Treatment

At this time we are keeping the fescues healthy with a blend of fertilizers that will provide nutrients to stimulate deep root growth and to encourage root development. Lime is applied to warm season grasses to help the turf exchange nutrients efficiently in the spring and summer months as limestone keeps the pH of the soil in balance.

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