Fire Ant Control

Atlanta Fire Ant Control

Perfect for barbeques, gardening and a place for the kids to play, homeowners enjoy the many benefits of a beautiful lawn. However, proper upkeep is necessary to protect our yards against the pesky bugs that try to take residence each year. Perhaps the most infamous insect known for wreaking havoc upon a yard is the fire ant. The Other Side Lawn Service is here to protect your lawn all year long from these invasive pests. If you are in need of Atlanta fire ant control contact us today!

Painful Stings and Allergies

Known for their painful sting, fire ants are a problem for almost all Georgia homeowners. We were all kids at one time, and we know what happens when you disturb a fire ant colony. One accidental step into an ant bed will cause a swarm of these insects to leave their tunnels in order to defend the nest and queen. Depending on the number of queens in a colony, a single ant bed may contain over 100,00 workers.

Many people suffer from a fire ant allergy. Some victims only experience mild symptoms, however those with allergic reactions may require immediate medical attention to prevent severe swelling, vomiting, and other dangerous conditions. In the most extreme cases, fire ant bites can be fatal. Unfortunately, these insects often build their nests in the same areas your kids like to play. Every summer, we treat numerous ant mounds in front and back yards of homes, schools and offices. If you notice fire ants in your yard, it is important to take action. Without proper Atlanta ant control, the colony will continue to grow and pose a threat to you and your family.

Atlanta Fire Ant Treatments

The Other Side Lawn Services is proud to offer expert fire ant control in Atlanta, Gwinnett County and the surrounding area. We offer a couple of different removal methods to ensure these pests no longer disturb you or your family.

Broadcast Treatments

Fire ants roam throughout our yards in search of food and new nesting grounds. We apply an insecticide to your yard which contains the insects and prevents them from spreading. Queens can lay thousands of eggs each day making this treatment necessary to prevent future mounds.

Mound Treatments

This method of ant control focuses on the nests. We simply apply a dust or granular product to the ant hill which destroys the entire colony.

These treatments work together to rid your yard of these pesky insects. Keep your lawn safe this summer and contact The Other Side Lawn Service for all your Norcross, Gwinnett and Atlanta fire ant control needs. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call!

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