How To Spot Fungus In Your Yard


Imagine, you have been working on your lawn for awhile now and it is starting to look perfect. But then, a brown spot appears on your lawn. At first, you think that you need to just water your lawn more. But, that does nothing and it continues to get worse. Your lawn might have a fungus outbreak. In this article, we will discuss different types of fungi your lawn could have and what they look like and how to fix it.

The first disease we will talk about is Brown Patch disease. Brown Patch disease is caused by a fungus and is the most common disease a lawn will have. Brown Patch disease looks like brown circles of dead grass. This fungus can appear on cool season grass and warm season grass. This grass usually appears very quickly after being unnoticeable for a while.

pink snow mold on grass

Pink snow mold

Another disease we will talk about is Pink Snow Mold disease. Pink Mold is actually only pink during the beginning stages of it. It has a cobweb-like coating on it. It can be formed after the snow has melted but, snow doesn’t always form the mold. It can also be formed because of cold and humid air. Pink Snow usually goes away on its own in warmer weather.

A very common type of fungus is Pythium blight. It has a similar appearance to the brown patch disease. Before the disease is brown in color, it first looks like your grass is wet. But when touched, it is very greasy. This disease is created when homeowners use too much water or fertilizer.

Now that we have talked about some common diseases your yard could have, let’s talk about how you can treat it. The Other Side Lawn Service offers Lawn Fungicide Treatments. We specialize in the Brown Patch disease. If you believe there is a fungus disease in your yard, feel free to give us a call and we can come and treat your yard.