Ways to Save Money on Lawn Care

Lawn Care Tips

Saving money is probably something you think about often. Generally, it’s at the forefront of people’s minds as we teeter on this very unsure economic footing. That being said, you’re probably always looking for a different way to save a few bucks. Doing things yourself is always an option.

Other than roofing and electricity, you can pretty much do anything you want to do by watching videos or by reading FAQ’s. Today we will outline a few methods in which you can do some lawn care yourself while saving some greenbacks in the process.

Don’t Bag, Mulch

It sounds simple, but a very large number of people with residential sized yards still bag their grass clippings. This is FREE slow-release fertilizer that you’re throwing out in piles or bags. You should only bag your lawn if you have diseased grass or rings due to some sort of parasite.

Let the clippings fall and fertilize your lawn. Unless thatching is a problem, let the mower do what it’s supposed to. This could save up to 30% of your fertilizing money.

Learn to Use Water Properly

So many homeowners spray water for a few minutes here and there, or flood their lawn with the sprinkler system. Your grass requires approximately 1 inch of rain/water per week. For optimum results, give it one healthy watering per week, instead of small waterings every day or so.

Watering it often, but for short periods of time can promote short roots in your grass. This is not what you want. Even in a drought your grass will care for itself. You can still water the one inch that’s recommended, but your grass is resilient and even if it dries up will still come back to that lush green color with the right attention to water amounts.

Use Compost

Applying compost can help fertilize your soil, keep pests and diseases from harming your grass and allow you to water your grass less often. The optimal time to apply a ¼ inch of compost is right after your lawn greens up and 6 months from then. This will allow you to save money on fertilizer and keep your water bill down.

Keep Your Mower in Good Working Condition

One of your grass’s biggest sworn enemies is dull mower blades. Less than sharp blades can stress your grass and cause your engine to work harder. Sharpening your blades is a fairly simple and quick process that will allow your mower to work faster and more efficiently.

Making sure your engine is tuned up, spark plug is firing properly and air filter is free of debris will all go a long way in helping your mower run correctly and freely. It will not only save you gas, but your lawn will thank you for it.

There are quite a few budget cuts that can be made and still have a wonderfully lush lawn. Be mindful of the spending and taking shortcuts when doing your yard work and you’ll find more ways to be thrifty, as well.