Winter Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips

There is very little you want more for your lawn than for it to come up that beautiful dark green when spring arrives. However winter can be very harsh on your lawn and there may be a few things you could do to help it stay healthy and green up in a few months. In the majority of the United States grass will go dormant for the winter. But that doesn’t mean that you should just ignore it completely. 


It’s probably a safe bet that your lawn is a Bermuda or some other warm season grass. Though these grasses don’t grow in the winter, they’re still very much alive and need to be fed, watered and cared for. Fall fertilization is a very necessary part of successful green up in the warmer months. Some experts even say it’s the most important fertilization of the year. Your lawn lost quite a bit of nutrients during the summer months. Once the winter sets in your lawn will feed on this last fertilization through the harsh cold.

Feed Your Grass

There’s rarely a bad time to feed your precious grass. Even in the winter it still needs nutrients and can really benefit from just a couple winter feedings. If you’ve aerated in the fall it will give your grass a great opportunity to get the proper oxygen, nitrogen and nutrients it needs to come back strong, green and healthy.

Clean Up the Clutter

When readying your grass for winter, make it a priority to move any debris or toys that may be left on the lawn. Rake your leaves so that they are not suffocating your yard. Items that stay on the lawn through the cold season can smother the grass and seriously hinder its growth during the warmer seasons.

Over-seed and Re-Seed the Bare Spots

Cooler weather is a great time to repair the bald spots of your yard. Make sure you rake any thatched grass out, seed and fertilize those spots. Remember to water it every two days for the first 2-3 weeks, as this will help the seeds take root and spread nutrients to the already rooted grass as well.

The last things you want to do on a cold weekend are go outside and mow, edge, trim and prune. Thankfully, Mother Nature gives us a break during the cooler months from doing all of that fun stuff. Sure, you may lose your tan, but you’ll get to watch football and Netflix, so that’s a plus. At the onset of cold weather, follow these few steps and be certain that your grass will come back with a vengeance and a healthy green color in the spring.